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2018 New Crop Fresh Ginger Supply Now

Ginger fresh-keeping cold storage design and construction

Ginger cold storage should maintain the storage temperature of 13 °C -14 °C, and can not ignore the humidity of the cold storage. The storage humidity of ginger in the cold storage is generally controlled between 85% and 90%. If the humidity is too low, the surface of ginger will be dry. Loss of water, excessive humidity can easily cause excessive moisture on the surface of ginger, and even cause sprouting and other conditions, seriously affecting the quality of ginger, and is not conducive to the sale after the warehouse, resulting in economic losses. After doing all of the above, you should not be sloppy. You should regularly check the various conditions in the cold storage, such as temperature and humidity. Look at the "glance" and check whether the shape of the ginger changes. In time, smell the odor in the cold storage is normal, there is no mold and other tastes, only use the heart and regularly check the maintenance of the cold storage, in order to play a higher role in the cold storage, the ginger in the cold storage will be better next year's market price When you sell it again, it’s not a problem!

Air Dried GingerThe price of cold storage, the design and construction of fresh-keeping cold storage

The price of the cold storage is what every customer wants to know. The price of the cold storage is determined by the customer's demand, such as the area of the cold storage, the construction address of the cold storage, the temperature required for the cold storage, the purchase volume of the cold storage, and the storage time of the cold storage. Requirements, there is the compressor configuration of the cold storage unit, and auxiliary materials, etc. If you need to build a cold storage welcome consultation,

Shanghai Xueyi Refrigeration Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a refrigeration company integrating large, medium and small cold storage design, installation, service and cold chain. Focus on the cold storage for more than ten years, the main large, medium and small high temperature fruit and vegetable warehouse, low temperature frozen goods library, frozen storage, fruit and vegetable flower atmosphere storage library, electronic instrument constant temperature library, medical cold storage, combination library, civil engineering library, large and medium cold storage Maintenance, cold storage maintenance, etc. If you need to design and build a cold storage snow refrigeration]:


By the way , we are also supplying Normal white garlic 5.5-6.0cm, Normal white garlic 6.0-6.5cm ,  pure white garlic 4.5-5.0cm , pure white garlic 5.0-5.5cm , pure white garlic 5.5-6.0cm, solo garlic , Garlic peeled,  and Fresh Ginger 150g and up, Air dried Ginger 200g and up, Air dried ginger 250g and up, Fresh Carrot S80-150G,Fresh Carrot M 150-200G,Fresh Carrot L 200-250g, Fresh Chestnut 30-40pcs, Sweet corn 220g and up 24pcs/ctn. if you have any needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

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